Addison Trail Promotes Mr. Bazant as the New Head Football Coach.

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Emma Walis

Emma Walis

Torch Guest Writer

Chris Bazant, a psychology teacher at AT, was recently promoted to head football coach on Jan. 13 during a board meeting after previous coach Paul Parpet Jr. stepped down.

Accepting this position, Bazant enjoys being in school and interacting with the players to show them the full potential of hard work. “It’s something I want to take on because I believe in hard work and motivation both on and off the field,” he stated with a smile.

With thirteen years of experience, he has acquired a natural style of coaching considering he also coaches baseball and believes that being involved in sports is beneficial.

Attending Victor Andrew high school and North Central College, Bazant gained personal experience with football by playing as a linebacker where he was able to learn and grow from the experience.

He believes that there is more to sports than just to know the game. He said, “Football teaches us life skills, dedication, commitment and success now and later in life.”

When energy is brought to the field, the potential of success increases. He is enthusiastic about being the role model and to teach developing teens the benefits of a team sport. 

Team goals are crucial when it comes to success since it ensures everyone is on the same page. Bazant believes in building the team from ground up and defines this using his motto, “being all in” and giving it all. He defined two details he believes will increase the maximum effort his players invest, overall, improving their work ethic.

First, in order for a successful outcome, he believes in playing the game correctly. With the right detail and knowledge, the players can become well rounded with the sport as a whole rather than solely their positions. He explained that they are “here to learn” and that being “well rounded is the goal.”

Overall, he dreams of winning state championships, however, he expanded on this by adding, “the most important part is getting the players to have a great experience. I want players to return and talk about their experiences, friendships as well as highs and lows more than winning.”

Bazant’s beliefs, expectations and personal qualities will have a profound influence on the Blazer football program as he reaches the very heart of ball control and the details of it.

During the games, on the offensive side of the ball, Bazant pictures the Blazers utilizing more of a balanced game. However, he explained that running the ball when you can is a favorable strategy since it “involves control and employs the young line of players.” With more time running, the play grabs the attention of the audience and increases excitement.

As for defense, the goal involves lining the players up right and playing fast. With the right amount of effort, challenge and skill, the maximum level of achievement will evolve. If everyone “completes their assignments then everything should work out well,” he concluded.

By practicing like it’s a game, the energy levels will increase, training the athletes to endure difficult plays. Utilizing game situations teaches and defines strategies. If the energy and motivation is high, the outcome of the game will also be high.

A lot of changes will be taking place this year. “This is 2020 now,” he states. The team has already been training in the fitness center after school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in order to improve their physical condition. Overall, Bazant instills confidence in his team and is looking forward to leading the future generation into a season they won’t forget.